About–Jeff Goulding

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  • Staff Photographer at a 75,000 (was 105,000) daily circulation newspaper 60 miles north of New York City. The position was eliminated due to reduction of work force of all staff photo positions.
  • General assignment coverage for collegiate and high school sports and news
  • ’94 and ’99 Woodstock Concerts coverage
  • ’88 New Orleans Republican Convention coverage and numerous local presidential appearances
  • Aerial coverage in an F-14 over Ground Zero for 9-11
  • Documentary trip to Mexico to follow the tragic death of a Mexican immigrant
  • Photo Design Editor and sole Staff Photographer for a 52,000 weekly circulation newspaper.
  • Staff Photographer for a suburban weekly group of seven different newspapers.
  • Skills and Awards

    Adobe Photoshop, Photo Mechanic, Lightroom, Video shooting and editing, shooting, editing, and transmitting photos on deadline, lighting, Both PC and Mac friendly

    Numerous NPPA awards for Region 2. Consistently placed in the top ten for the year out of over 200 photographers. Two New York AP Awards. 1st place award in the Benjamin Fine Contest. Three nominations to the Pulitzer committee by the publisher for team coverage. (Veterans Hospital Investigation, Coldenham Elementary School Disaster where 9 children died, and Woodstock ’94.)

  • Clients—New York Times, New York Daily News, US Magazine, AP, Savoy Communications in   NYC